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Business practice manuals detail California ISO operations

Business practice manuals (BPMs) provide detailed rules, procedures and examples for the administration, operation, planning and accounting requirements of the California ISO and the market that are consistent with the ISO tariff. Adherence to the manuals is important for orderly operation of the ISO market. And our systematic and publicly transparent change management process ensures the consideration of all relevant information when modifying the manuals.


Please click here to view the BPM Library

Please click here to access the BPM Change Management application

The BPM Change Management application contains a built-in user guide.  For help on a page, click theBPM help icon.


  • Business practice manuals change management meetings
    Monthly meeting to discuss proposed revision requests on Business Practice Manuals (BPMs) that are in the initial and recommendation stages of the BPM change management stakeholder process.
    • Stakeholder meetings - 2019
  • Appeal committee meetings
    Stakeholders have the right to appeal the final decision of a proposed revision request (PRR). Upon appeal, an ISO executive appeals committee conducts a public session to hear stakeholder positions and has 21 days to post a decision.
    • Appeal process and template


BPM change management process

The ISO systematic and publicly transparent BPM Change Management process ensures the consideration of all relevant information when modifying BPMs. The change management process uses a system available through the ISO public website that provides a way to propose BPM changes, comment on open change requests, and track proposed change requests.  The change management process begins when the ISO or a stakeholder submits a web-based Proposed Revision Request (PRR). After an ISO review for completeness, PRRs are posted to the website, triggering a stakeholder review and comment period.